January 1, 2010

This year's Christmas cards

Yes, Christmas is over and now, New Year's too. BUT I couldn't move on from this past holiday season without blogging about a few Holiday-ish moments.

First, this year's Christmas cards! A few of you might know (if you've seen some of my previous posts) that I jump at the opportunity to send a handcrafted card, letter, announcement, invitation, etc. in the mail. Well, this year I didn't think I'd have enough time to make 'em (working wretched hours at a coffee shop has really thrown off my ability to make things, let alone post about them! Sorry!) but I was able to get them finished and sent at the very last minute.

A few vintage buttons, baker's twine, stamps, and some Costco wallet size pictures and Voila! Christmas goodness in a card.

A bit of a side note: I ran out of materials before I reached the end of the address book (oops!) So if you are a good friend who didn't receive one, my deepest apologies! You weren't forgotten, we're just a bit poor right now!


  1. Absolutely perfect, you've just inspired me to make a New Year's card (I of course, have many of the same materials you used for cards)! P.S. I just saw my quote! I am honored my friend :)

  2. they were adorable...i have been showing it to everyone who comes over to our house.

  3. nice topic thank you and thumb up !