January 22, 2010

Vintage Life Magazine Polaroids

Over the holidays we were visiting Michael's family and I stumbled upon some very old Life Magazines from the 1940's and 50's. I probably spent over an hour looking at these and I was cracking up over the advertisements (especially the one directly below this text). I also found some great fonts and a lot of incredibly colorful food - a little too colorful for my liking! I didn't have my camera with me but I did have my iPhone and the ever-so-wonderful Shake It Photo app with which I took these photos.

Anyway, I just found them on my phone and thought I'd share 'em with you all. Hopefully you'll get a little laugh out of them like I did.



January 12, 2010

Custom Gifts for Krista

This weekend I made some custom baby things for my friend Krista. She's giving them to her friends for their baby showers that are coming up soon.
So excited I had the opportunity to make some baby things. The little toy is a soft ladybug toy that jingles!

If you want to order any custom items just send me a little message or comment!

January 7, 2010

Adventures with Miriam

One of my favorite times comes but once every other year, and yes, that time came this year...
Miriam (of the lovely Mimsicle), and her wonderful husband Chris come to town for Christmas!
For those who don't know, Miriam and I went to highschool together, became beloved friends, and continue to be so today! Sadly, we live a continent apart now but hopefully someday that will change.
We did many many fun things but a few highlights were:

Spending a little while in San Francisco at Britex 

where we found amazing ribbons and fabric from which to make headbands

we exchanged Christmas gifts  
(pictured on the left and below is my new beautiful hanging rack, which Miriam made herself, and an adorable book of labels created by the fantastic Lotta Jansdotter ).

 Last but not least, we ate at a great Thai place where we were able to take off our shoes and eat while sitting on cushions on the floor (so fun!)

We haven't quite finished making our headbands but as soon as we do, I will be sure to post them here! 

January 4, 2010

Animal Silhouette Onesies Galore!

New lovelies on my etsy site!
Go check 'em out and keep your eyes peeled for more fun stuff to come.

January 1, 2010

This year's Christmas cards

Yes, Christmas is over and now, New Year's too. BUT I couldn't move on from this past holiday season without blogging about a few Holiday-ish moments.

First, this year's Christmas cards! A few of you might know (if you've seen some of my previous posts) that I jump at the opportunity to send a handcrafted card, letter, announcement, invitation, etc. in the mail. Well, this year I didn't think I'd have enough time to make 'em (working wretched hours at a coffee shop has really thrown off my ability to make things, let alone post about them! Sorry!) but I was able to get them finished and sent at the very last minute.

A few vintage buttons, baker's twine, stamps, and some Costco wallet size pictures and Voila! Christmas goodness in a card.

A bit of a side note: I ran out of materials before I reached the end of the address book (oops!) So if you are a good friend who didn't receive one, my deepest apologies! You weren't forgotten, we're just a bit poor right now!

A very Merry Christmas to...me!

And second, a gift that I received from my darling husband (which I may have purchased prior to Christmas so he could give it to me but I just couldn't resist!) A bag of vintage fabric scraps! Look at them, aren't they so cute and perfect? They were all cut by someone to someday be made into a quilt, but alas, it never came to be. It was meant to be found by me in a corner of my favorite antique shop I do believe! I have so many ideas of what to do with these yummy little pieces of fabric that I almost don't know where to start. I figured I'd just a take few pictures first, blog about it, and then get started. Hairpins maybe? Headbands with flowers? The sky's the limit I do believe!