November 13, 2009

Polaroid Kittens!

When polaroids meet kittens, magic happens. We spent last weekend with some of my dearest friends, Jae and Ryane, in our old neighborhood in the East Bay. We celebrated a birthday, made amazing glitter art, dreamed about owning our own gallery, and most of all, played with kittens! I don't think there are many things I'd rather do than than the above mentioned meanderings.

Elli and Lola are the muse - two sister kittens lovingly adopted and completely adored by my amazing friends. Shake It Photo is the iPhone application I used to get these faux polaroids. Apparently I'm completely out of the loop on the application because Jae just informed me of its greatness while we were there. I obviously couldn't stop using it.

Oh, and sorry about the blogging hiatus, I've been making a lot of new stuff and it has taken up a lot of computer time. Hopefully I'll have it up in my shop soon!