July 30, 2009

A Nook and A Good Book, Please.

lately, I've realized how much I've been able to read now that I'm out of school - read books other than textbooks and required reading, that is. In our old apartment in Berkeley we had a little reading nook that quickly became the cats domain - a.k.a. hair central - and no matter how much I vaccummed and shooed them away, they always returned, leaving my cozy reading nook not so desirable. Now that we're in Petaluma, I have yet to find a nook I like better than my bed. It's so very warm and cozy reading in our bed but I constantly find myself falling asleep halfway through a sentence. Alas, I went on an inspiring search on flickr to find the perfect reading nook that I can one day recreate. Here are a few lovely ones that I wouldn't mind cozying up to.

And speaking of reading, I thought I'd share a list of books I've recently read and definitely recommend.

The links I gave for the books are from amazon.com and Logos, my favorite bookshop in Santa Cruz. If you're in the Santa Cruz area, you should stop in at Bookshop Santa Cruz as well. Charming little place indeed. And if you're in Petaluma, you should go to Copperfield's - best local bookstore in town.

Last but not least, what are you reading and what do you recommend?

July 26, 2009

Something Sweet

These are just a few pictures we took on our three year anniversary a couple weeks ago. I wanted to capture more pictures of the places we went to and write all about them on here but well, it was our anniversary and I ended up not photographing as much as I wanted to - we were having such a good time! Anyway, I'll just give you a few links and then if you're ever in Petaluma you can swing by 'em.

The first place we went to was the Petaluma Farmer's Market. They have a Wednesday evening market here in the new theater district of downtown Petaluma. This area is adorable and an upcoming part of Petaluma that I can't wait to watch develop. I definitely regret not taking pictures because it's truly one of the best farmer's markets I've ever been to. It's not very big at all, in fact, it has a very small town feel with every vendor selling a few quality things. Everyone is so nice and they all invite us to help with their harvests when Michael starts sharing our aspirations in vegetable farming. It's cute. I will definitely make a post all on its own of this market as soon as I get there again.

Then we stopped at one of our favorite new places in Petaluma, La Dolce Vita Wine Lounge. The place is very European feeling (though maybe I shouldn't say that as if I know what European feels like - I've never been!) with an array of modern and classical tables and chairs as wells as sofas and love seats. The wine list is amazing. All the wines are hand picked by the owner, Sahar Gharai, and the list is constantly revolving. One of my favorite features is the fact that all the food is chosen to emphasize the wine instead of the wine emphasizing the food. Oh, and I almost forgot one of my other favorite things is that they project old movies onto the wall above the bar. So fun!

After we had a glass of wine (and complimentary champagne!) at the wine lounge, we headed next door to Powell's Sweet Shoppe. It's the sweetest (ha! no pun intended) little candy store. It's kind of an old fashioned candy store theme and they carry every candy you can imagine and especially those brands from when my parents were kids. We got our favorite - chocolate covered gummy bears.

And finally, for dinner we went to Dempsey's. This restaurant has been here as long as I can remember and it has been a staple family restaurant all my life. It features locally grown and organic foods (they grow their food on their own farm!) as well as their own brewed beer. The atmosphere is so great - not pretentious like most locally grown and sustainable food restaurants but hospitable and down-to-earth. It really is a must if you are looking to eat lunch or dinner in Petaluma.

Phew, that was a bit of info, yeah? Hope you find it enjoyable and I promise to have more pictures and posts of these places because, really, those are the best part!

July 24, 2009

A Walk Through

I'm so sorry I've been missing in action for so long. I've been a bit busy setting up, gallery sitting, and opening the show. Here's a few pictures of the gallery and opening.
My friend Jae and I in front of our Micaweed piece and the reception right as we opened
The title walls and information stand
The gallery from the door
The Ponderous Quality of Weight
The bunch of us (note Dominic's face - he looks like a Francis Bacon painting!)
Oh, and a few details of my piece

July 11, 2009

An Art Show

I'm in an art show featuring mainly sculpture and site-specific installation. If you're in the bay area you should stop by! The show is at the Worth Ryder Gallery on the UC Berkeley campus. 116 Kroeber Hall on the corner of Bancroft and College. The gallery hours our Monday through Sunday 1pm to 4pm and the show will be up until July 27th. The opening reception is this Friday, the 17th from 7pm-10pm.

Yay art!

July 7, 2009


It's a few hours too early but I won't have enough time to post tomorrow and I wanted to make sure this was up. It's gonna be a little sappy but it's entirely appropriate. It has been three whole years that I have been married to the man who makes me the happiest woman in the world. It's cheesy, I know but so so true. I love you Michael, happy three years together! I love you more than you will ever know.

Here are some pictures of that beautiful day.

Our photographer was Anna Kuperberg. She is an amazing photographer and a awesome person. Go check out her website and stop by at her dog photography website as well (it's my favorite place to go when I need a good laugh).

July 5, 2009

Etsy, Here I Come!

Here is is! Go check her out and spread the word...if you'd be so kind, that is.

A Foggy 4th

So, as you can see, it was pretty foggy here in Petaluma on yesterday's 4th of July. I actually took this picture thinking it would turn out a blurry mess because we were walking but it was one of the best of the night! As my Dad would say, the best pictures are the ones taken by accident. I would have to agree with him. The rest of the pictures are my attempt at capturing the fireworks show. I never realized how difficult it was to take a picture of a live firework and thus ended up with a lot of abstract light flairs and whatnot - definitely not what I expected but fun nonetheless. Oh, and there are a few of the family fireworks in front of the house. All in all, despite the fog, it was a very fun 4th.

Pincushions & Plumb Labels

I'm so happy now that I'm out of school because I'm able to get back to my sewing machine. My table is no longer filled with books and homework, it's filled with fabric and other crafty sewing supplies. I would say the latter is a much better mess to make! Anyway, I decided to make some pincushions because I had some small scraps that I wanted to use. Then I realized I needed to make labels to go on the pincushions seeing as I plan on selling them. So, voila! I'm going to be posting these and some other things I'm in the middle of making on a new etsy site - I'll let you now when that's up.