June 28, 2009

Moving Announcements

This is what the table looked like after Miriam (of the lovely ...Mimsicle...) and I had a night crazy crafting. I had bought a few things to make moving announcements and as soon as I showed Miriam what I wanted to do, she thought it would be a great idea to make them right then and there. It was 10:30pm. Obviously I couldn't resist. Here are the announcements in full detail.


  1. oh we are just so darn crafty! "miriam, have you been doing any art lately?" "well, i like to sew, craft, make stuff, etc..." "ok, but what about ART?" .............so sad. i can be artsy!

    anyhow, love you...and i love staying connected seeing what you're doing through your blog! yaaay.

  2. hahaha. your dad is hilarious. and yes, i completely agree with you. thanks for making yours first so i could be inspired. love you!

  3. oh guuuurl! i love these! i'm going to file them away for a time that i can announce something. :)